a collaborative bioart project lab in Brooklyn, NYC, founded by Sarah Max Beck and partner, Robert C. Beck*.

Bluring the lines between conceptual art, mad-scientist project and citizen science, studioHydrostatic uses hand-blown glass, digital technology, biological and recycled material to build installations, unique tools and standalone sculptural objects tailored to the mission of ecological problem solving (carbon sequestration, biodiversity encouragement, food production, and ecosystems stabilization, etc.) in site-specific environments.

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Possibility Chambers

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PVC, post-consumer plastic, steel, electronics, wood, glass, horse tail rush, fiber optic grass, taro, canna, tiger nut, spider plant, various wetland volunteer plants, lemon balm, cilantro, aloe, katuk, monstera deliciosa, earth, water, rock dust, micro organisms, mycorrhizae, three southeastern leopard frog tadpoles, human urine 
Bioart installation
5’ x 8’ x 6’

*the handsome.